LG Display believes that 58% of smartphones next year will be equipped with OLED panels

In 2014, liquid crystal displays have been installed in 73% of smartphones and OLED panels got 27% of the market. This year, the share of OLED panels is expected to grow to 40%, primarily due to the transition to the new Apple displays in the smartphone iPhone 8.

According to technical Director Kang LG Display In-bionga (Kang, In-byeong), who spoke at the event Finetech Japan 2017, 2018, already 58% of smartphones will use OLED panel, and the remaining 42% will go for the LCD displays.

OLED panels in its smartphones who use or will use Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Apple, Vivo, Oppo, Lenovo, Huawei Technologies and other companies. The demand for these products has forced LG Display to expand production. Also, the OLED panels are engaged or will soon begin to deal with BOE Technology, EverDisplay Optronics, Kunshan Govisionox Optoelectronics, Tianma Micro-electronics, Truly Opto-Electronics and AU Optronics.

In 2014 the total area of the released panels OLED 5.3 million m2, in 2018 it will increase to 14.7 million m2.

In 2016 OLED panel, LG Display has brought only 10% of income. In 2020 LCD panel and the OLED display is to bring the producer the same income.

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