LG Display and Samsung Display will invest in the same developer of OLED technology

According to the source, the German company Cynora in the development of light emitting materials for OLED, completes the last round of financing. It aims to attract 15 million euros.

Allegedly, the company LG Display plans to invest in Cynora half that amount. Still the same is going to invest the company Samsung Display. The South Korean manufacturers first mastered the mass production of OLED panels. Their desire to develop technology to maintain a stable position in the market is understandable.

As we reported, experts Cynora was able to significantly improve the material for blue organic light-emitting diodes operating on the principle of thermal activated delayed fluorescence (TADF OLEDs). The developers are confident that will be able to turn his achievement into a commercial product by the end of this year.

For TADF characteristic three times higher efficiency compared to the best fluorescent materials and longer service life. It is expected that the OLED display with blue TADF material will consume two times less energy than usual.

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