LG Display about the supply of OLED panels for TVs Sony in the second quarter

According to the source, LG Display was awarded a contract to supply OLED TV panels to Sony. Reportedly, LG Display about the supply of panels in the second quarter.

Sony is credited with the intention to release about 100,000 OLED TVs per year. It’s a pretty small amount, considering that LG Electronics last year shipped 110 000-140 000 of these televisions on a quarterly basis. Most likely, Sony plans limited manufacturing capabilities of LG Display. In fact, at this stage, Sony will only be able to estimate the demand for televisions OLED, relating to the upper segment.

As at the end of the year, LG Display had the production of OLED panels capable of handling 34,000 Gen 8 substrates a month. This year we expect the commissioning of the line E4-2, which will be able to handle 25 000 wafers per month. Total capacity corresponds to the production of 170 000-180 000 TV panel size 65 inch diagonal.

Source: ET news

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