LG confirmed that the smartphone LG G6 will not be modular

We have heard various rumors about the design of LG G6, someone claimed that the company will adhere to the modular design presented in LG G5. There have also been rumors of weak sales of LG G5 has forced the company to rethink its strategy and to abandon a modular design.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, LG representatives have confirmed that the company learned a lesson from the story of the LG G5 is not going to repeat the mistakes. LG abandoned the modular design of the new flagship, considering the opinion of fans and commentators.

Instead, the main focus was on the overall design of the LG G6. According to rumors, the smartphone will get a metal body, removable battery and keep the 3.5 mm Jack for headphones.

Technical Director Scott Academy (Scott Ahn) said that LG G6 will be released very soon. He added that he could be present at the Mobile World Congress 2017, however the company is considering another date of the announcement.

LG G6 will go on sale for the same price as the LG G5. Due to the lower cost the company will earn more on each sold smartphone, which will enable LG to improve its financial results this year.



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