LG built at IFA 2016 15-meter tunnel of the 216 OLED panels with a total resolution of nearly half a billion pixels

The exhibition LG Electronics at the IFA exhibition in 2016 included a unique structure — a tunnel height of 5 m, a width of 7.4 m and a length of 15 m. It is built of 216 curved 55-inch OLED display with a total resolution 447 897 600 pixels. This unusual screen displays spectacular views of the Northern lights over Iceland, footage taken under water and in outer space.

According to the manufacturer, LG experts completed the shooting of the Northern lights in Iceland using 14 individual cameras with a resolution of 8K, to record as accurately as possible every detail. In General, the installation aims to demonstrate the potential of OLED technology to reproduce tiny subjects and realistic color.

The creation of large-scale construction was possible due to the low weight and thickness of OLED panels, as well as their flexibility. Uniformly high quality images on the curved surface of the tunnel provided a deep black, high contrast and wide viewing angles.

Source: LG



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