LG brought to CES 2017 home and commercial robots

LG did the main theme of its stand at CES 2017 robots. The manufacturer introduced a line of intelligent robots as a part of its program for the development of artificial intelligence devices and the Internet of things.

At the head of the line set Hub Robot. It stands out among other products because of its ability to act as a hub for other devices and smart home systems. The robot is able to recognize voice commands as it supports voice assistant Amazon Alexa. The display, which can also act as the digital face of the robot can output a variety of information, ranging from answering questions and ending data with paired devices smart home.

Of course, the robot is able to play music, set an alarm, save a reminder, to recall the events in the calendar and so on. In addition, the Hub Robot is able to move around the house to recognize family members and shake your head in response to the simplest questions. From the Robot Hub has assistants. The elves miniature copy of himself, but unable to move and deprived of certain electronics. They are interfaced with the main robot through a wireless interface and allow you to give voice commands to, for example, from the bedroom when the main robot is in the living room.

Airport Guide robot Robot the company calls a traveler’s best friend. It is not for personal use and for airports. In particular, such robots will soon appear in the International Incheon airport. The robot is designed to provide help assistance to visitors of the airport, which is equipped with a large enough display and can also be taught to understand four languages: English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The robot is able to scan the tickets of passengers, providing them with detailed information about the flight. Airport Guide Robot can help you navigate at the airport and accompany passengers to the boarding area.

The purpose of the robot Airport Cleaning Robot you can guess from the title. It’s a robot vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning large areas. He highlighted the increased size of the dust collector, and contain numerous nozzles and brushes. The robot will cope with any surface and boasts of having «innovative» sensors and cameras.

Robot Airport Cleaning Robot is a robotic lawnmower. It is suitable for all types of lawns and is equipped with the same sensors and cameras as the previous model.



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