Lexar denies rumors of termination of production of memory cards XQD

About two weeks ago, the website Nikon Rumors reported that the largest store of photographic equipment and related products B&H disappeared memory card Lexar XQD production. Given that shortly before this Lexar brand was sold to a Chinese company Longsys, it could be assumed that the release of the XQD memory cards under the brand name Lexar discontinued.

Yesterday, a Lexar representative responded to this suggestion, dispel fears. Release XQD memory cards will continue. As for the reserves B&H, they will be replenished in the coming weeks.

Recall that the memory card corresponding to the XQD 2.0 specification, support interfaces PCI Express Gen 2 and USB 3.0. They are characterized by very high data transfer rate. For example, illustrated card Lexar Professional XQD 2.0 2933x in read mode shows the speed of 440 MB/s.

XQD slot, in particular, is the camera Nikon D850 — best full frame SLR camera the DxOMark rating. The second slot Nikon D850 is designed for SD cards, SDHC and SDXC.



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