Leopard print. Fashion clothes and its combination

Leopard print clothing is a rather complex print. Its brightness and iridescence makes difficult the selection of clothes and accessories. Despite this, for many years, leopard print appears on the runways in the collections of famous fashion designers.

2018 is no exception. One of the most popular pictures will form a picture of the spotted skins of a predator. Among types clothes are no exception, leopard print can be everywhere: coats, coats, tops, pants, accessories. The only limitation will be the shoes. In the new year, designers are asked not to wear shoes with cat pattern.

Great combination

In the new season to combine with leopard can be a light flying silhouettes, items of black leather and denim. Complement the image of bright accessories: fashionable sunglasses, scarves, belts, bags. An interesting combination will be a combination of this print is black or white. If such contrast color to choose properly, you can create a stylish look without the risk to seem vulgar.

The image with the leopard allows you to use plenty of black color. Even red accessories, nails or lipstick will not spoil the onions. Other bright shades, too, combined with colorful animal print. You can add to the ensemble green, coral, blue. Wisely combining the details, it’s easy to create a Flirty feminine look.

Neutral colors can be used in blouses of silk or other light fabrics. In combination with leopard skirt, this blouse will look elegant and appropriate. Surprisingly, aggressive predatory colors can perfectly coexist with ruching, ruffles and jabots. Such combinations can be seen in many collections of the most advanced fashion guru.

Clothing in the power of the predator

In the top of the above all dresses. They are from season to season do not want to leave the world’s catwalks and closets of avid fashionistas. To get something similar is to get the opportunity from time to time to appear before the society an extraordinary personality.

New season set the fashion in the most realistic print. But some couturiers offer alternatives in different colors, not like the leopard skin. Thanks to the work of masters such dresses from the category of too bold and vulgar migrated to the ranks of graceful and sophisticated. This is largely made possible by the expansion of the boundaries of taste preferences companies. What used to be forbidden and indecent, is now elegant and fashionable. Today, a sign of glamour and sophisticated taste is to get a dress with leopard print from the masters of fashion Dolce&Gabbana.

Paramount is now right to combine leopard print dress with shoes and accessories. The product itself looks so luxurious, that it is not necessary to weight the way additionally. Shoes should be concise and have a minimum of decorative elements. Accessories should choose according to the same principles: low gloss and flashy colors.

Last season, moved into a new leopard print coat and trench coats. This outerwear will complement as evening dress or classic blue jeans. Democratic products of jeans allows them to be combined with any textures and styles. That is why many designers recommend to combine clothes with complex print with denim. Such combinations are particularly relevant to street styles.

Also interesting would be a combination of upper garment leopard color with leather pants or leggings. Combined with bright clothes in the style of pop art can also bear fruit. How to do it, you can peek at Brigitte Bardot and Kate moss. Such combinations are on the border of futuristic styles and allow you to clearly stand out from the crowd.

Futuristic leopard print characterized by soft shapes and neon hues. Despite the fact that neon gave back some positions in the 2018 season, some designers have realized very good ideas in these colors.

The advantages of a predatory pattern

Like any other variegated pattern on the fabric, the leopard is able to disguise figure flaws. In addition, bright spots on the clothes in the offseason will help to kompleksovat unexpectedly appeared on the clothing of stains from puddles or other failures. It’s outerwear with this pattern deserves special attention of designers. It is important to choose only one thing this color. Then the image will be relevant and stylish.

Tips for using print

Luxury shoes with a heel the color of the skins of a predator it is better to put aside. An exception may be a pair of flat shoes. The remaining parts of the image should be restrained and simple to blend in. For example, the fashion in the new season, cropped pants and men’s dress shirt will create the perfect set with leopard espadrilles for a hike with friends to the cinema or cafe.

Model skinny at the risk of sounding vulgar. This is the spacious flying silhouettes will look quite neutral and appropriate in most cases. You should also avoid too short dresses, for the same reasons. Accessories should also be neutral and not to draw all the attention. To dilute the solid print will help carelessly draped over shoulders, black leather jacket, crossbody bag, laconic shoes.

Surprisingly, the leopard print mix with a geometric. Soft contours of the spots will contrast with the clear images of geometric shapes, creating an unusual combination. Here you can reckon peas, stripe, plaid and more. It is important to have an obvious boundary between the drawings. For example, the geometric pattern on the skirt and leopard print top.

Also cat print will be the perfect accent to the image. It is enough to select a small item: sunglasses, clutch, belt, hair accessory, scarf and so on. It is important to focus and choose only one accented item.


Leopard print on clothing gives a wide range of possibilities. It goes beyond the strict framework of style allows ladies to create your image. Operating tips this way are purely Advisory in nature. Selection of the output of the ensemble is implemented by means of mirrors and one’s own taste.

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