Lens Kinoshita Kistar 35mm f/1.4 is estimated by the manufacturer at $1400

In October 2015, was submitted Kinoshita Kistar lens 55mm F1.2. After two and a half years, the Japanese manufacturer started selling the new full-frame models — Kistar 35mm f/1.4 announced in the end of last year.

Lens constructed according to the original optic scheme with eight elements in six groups, in contrast to Kinoshita Kistar lens 55mm F1.2, who inherited it from model Auto Tominon 55mm f/1.2 was produced in the 1970-ies. One element Kistar 35mm f/1.4 is an aspherical shape. Focuses floating group manually.

Technical characteristics of the lens Kinoshita Kistar 35mm f/1.4:

  • Focal length — 35 mm;
  • Maximum aperture — F/1.4;
  • Minimum aperture — F/16;
  • The optical scheme of eight elements in six groups;
  • The angle of view of 63°;
  • Minimum focusing distance — 0.3 m;
  • Number of diaphragm blades — ten;
  • Installation filter size — 58 mm;
  • Dimensions — diameter 64.5 mm, length 76,5 mm;
  • Weight — 420 g.

Estimated price new in Japan is $1400. As the first model Kinoshita, the lens is equipped with lens mount Contax-Yashica. On modern cameras it is intended to install an adapter.

Source: DC Watch


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