Lenovo’s revenue in the last quarter amounted to 11.2 billion dollars

Lenovo Group published the report for the second quarter of 2016/17 financial year, which ended at the Chinese manufacturer on 30 September. Income for the reporting period amounted to 11.2 billion dollars, which is 8% lower than a year ago, but 12% more than in the previous quarter.

Gross profit was $ 1.6 billion, having increased by 2%. Profitability was equal to 14,3%. Operating profit for the quarter specified in the report equal to 215 million dollars. For comparison: year ago quarter ended operating losses in the amount of 784 million dollars. Net profit amounted to 157 million dollars, whereas a year ago total quarter was a net loss of $ 714 million. The company’s debt as at the end of the quarter is 77 million dollars.

The drafters of the report noted that the success achieved on the decline of the PC market and tablets and the significant slowdown of the growth of markets of smartphones and servers.

Source: Lenovo



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