Lenovo will revert to using the Motorola brand in the smartphone market, and in China even give up their own

Three years ago, Google sold Motorola Mobility to Chinese giant Lenovo. The new owner promised to preserve and strengthen the well-known brand, but two years later it became known that Lenovo decided to abandon the Motorola name and leave only the Moto brand.

Apparently, the decline in sales of smartphones Lenovo and success, according to the company, modular models Moto Z and the concept of modularity, has led to the fact that Lenovo again pondered the reformatting of its smartphone business.

In the end, Aymar de Lankaran (Aymar de Lencquesaing), occupying the post of head of division of Mobile Business Group, said that Lenovo will no longer shy away from using the Motorola brand. When it happens the reverse renaming is not clear. One of the representatives of the company said, «Give us 12 months and everyone in the US will know about the new Motorola». The main product for the company are the flagship Moto Z, so the return of the Motorola brand, you can expect with the release of next-generation modular smartphone.

But it is already known that the Motorola brand will be used on all markets where present appropriate smartphones. The most interesting that in China, Lenovo is going to gradually give up other brands in the smartphone segment. That is, even his own name! Also in the plans of the company cooperation with several operators in the United States. Recall now the Moto smartphones only Verizon offers.

De Lankaran also noted that the Moto modules Mod exceeded all company expectations. According to him, virtually every buyer of smartphones Moto Z and bought a module.

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