Lenovo will release a mobile computer Yoga Book with Chrome OS next year

Lenovo this year released a hybrid tablet Yoga Book in Android OS and Windows 10. Soon after the announcement, the information appeared that the mobile PC Lenovo Yoga Book to be released in the Chrome OS. Then the Lenovo representative said that the company is considering the possibility of a news release from the Chrome OS, but the final decision is still pending.

According to the source, referring to the words of the Vice-President of Lenovo’s Jeff Meredith (Jeff Meredith), the company to release a version of Yoga Book with the Chrome OS in 2017. The manufacturer is very interested in this product, because it believes in its potential in the market of computers for schools. Version Yoga Book with the Chrome OS will retain key features of its predecessors in the pen output pen Real Pen recognizes 2048 levels of pressure.

Source: Laptop



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