Lenovo will help developers create new modules for smartphones Moto Z and collect money on Indiegogo

This year Lenovo and LG released on the market of modular smartphones. More precisely, the smartphones, with the ability to connect additional modules. The implementation of LG G5 and Moto Z is significantly different and in the second case looks more interesting and promising.

At the start it was proposed that five types of modules. But, like LG, Lenovo expects that the modules will create a third-party company. Yet such was not presented, as in the case of modules for G5. But Lenovo has not abandoned the idea.

To encourage developers, the company announced the cooperation with the platform to raise money Indiegogo. Project Lenovo offers everyone to create a project module for smartphones Moto Z. in addition, Lenovo will help to launch a campaign to raise funds for such projects, it also will give Moto Mods kits Development Kit and smartphone Moto Z. Also developers of the ten best projects will be invited to Chicago to the office Moto to present their ideas directly to the leaders of the project.
The projects which are launched on Indiegogo and successfully concluded his campaign in the future will be free to move forces Lenovo and Verizon in the matter of advertising.

The first phase will conclude on 31 January. This day will cease to accept applications. But to run a campaign on Indiegogo will be on 3 January. March 10 will select 10 finalists who will travel to Chicago at the end of the month.

It is worth noting that in its latest financial report, Lenovo said that smartphone sales Moto in quarterly terms grew by as much as 40%, which is associated with the new products lines Z Moto and Moto G.



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