Lenovo unveiled a vision of how it will look in the future ThinkPad

At the recent new York special event Lenovo, on the announcement of new products, we were talking about how the future will look like the line of ThinkPad laptops. About the same time the company started talking not accidental, because this year the legendary ThinkPad celebrates 25 years!

Take a look at the picture – that these developers see the future of ThinkPad: with a flexible display (which if you still can’t roll up into a tube, we might as well get rid of loop), voice assistant, permanent connection to the Network and some advanced materials of the case. The image of the pencil next hints at the possibility of using it (as one should think, any ink) as an electronic pen. The creators are not going to get rid of the Holy of holies – a physical keyboard with the corporate governance bodies, including the red TrackPoint.

The Lenovo representative promised to present a limited version of the ThinkPad laptop that combines features of the laptops of past generations with modern characteristics, in October, but it is highly unlikely that only four months Lenovo materializes the device from the pictures. Most likely will be presented to a improved version of the flagship models of the ThinkPad X, a business notebook with flexible screen will have to wait another year or two.

Source: Lenovo Youtube



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