Lenovo Smart Assistant — smart sound system with voice assistant Alexa

Lenovo, too, has adopted the voice assistant Amazon Alexa. The manufacturer has produced a Smart Assistant device, externally similar to the first model of smart acoustic system Echo.

Actually, the Smart Assistant is also a smart AC. The device features a microphone, speakers and, interestingly, is based on the Intel platform. Moreover, there is not any solution for IOT, and the CPU Celeron N3060.

For audio playback a speaker with a power of 5 W and one low-frequency power of 10 watts. It should positively differentiate their product from Lenovo as Echo in terms of sound quality. Moreover, sales will be a special version with the logo of the Harman Kardon. However, whether it will affect the sound quality, is unclear.

Buy a novelty will be available in may for $130. The version of the Harman Kardon Edition will have to pay $180.



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