Lenovo showed a variety of different modules for smartphones Moto Z. One of them allows you to install four additional SIM cards

At the MWC 2017, Lenovo showed several new modules for smartphones Moto Z. By the way, recently the manufacturer also promised that modularity will be maintained for at least three years, and each year the company plans to release 12 new modules. That is, new smartphones Moto Z of present and future generations should support those modules that have already entered the market, and the first generation will support all new solutions.

Let’s start with the concepts. These modules are shown only in the form of photographs and images. It is unclear, you will see a light at least some of them, but given the support of third-party developers, such modules may eventually produce some companies, but not Lenovo.

So, the first module is a portable printer. An independent device of this kind present in the market for a long time, then why it is proposed to connect the printer as a module.

The second module can really be helpful to a specific audience. It allows you to use in conjunction with a smartphone up to four additional SIM cards!

Module Lego Mindstorms is an alternative to the eponymous robot of the Lego, only here the brain is the smartphone Moto Z.

One of the most interesting devices was not even a module, and a tablet that work requires connection of a smartphone.

Showed a curious device that is capable of simultaneously charging three modules. Is obviously useful to fans who purchase multiple units.

Also showed the module as a controller, although the image together with smartphone Moto G5 indicates that it can work not only with Moto Z. This device, incidentally, will be on sale in the summer, although the price is still unknown.

In addition, soon it will be possible to buy modules Moto Power Pack, Turbo Power Moto Mod Moto and Wireless Charging Mod. The first is a module with an additional battery, the second one is the charger with quick charging technology, which uses a proprietary interface connector on the back of the smartphone, and the third module with support for wireless charging technology.

Of special note is the module Amazon Alexa Moto Mod. This module, firstly, adds smartphone voice assistant, Alexa, and secondly, it has a speaker, so it can be used as a replacement smart as Echo. It will be available for purchase later.

By the way, support for the Alexa will appear on most smartphones Moto for this year.



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