Lenovo reported for the last quarter of the 2016/2017 financial year and the year as a whole

On the calendar Lenovo ended March 31, fourth quarter fiscal year 2016/2017. Yesterday, the manufacturer has published a report for the quarter and the year as a whole.

Lenovo income for the three months from January to March amounted to 9.6 billion dollars in revenue. This is 4.9% higher than a year ago. Lenovo’s net profit for the quarter amounted to $ 107 million.

In General, the year brought the company 43 billion dollars in revenue, which is 4.2% less than the previous year. Annual profit Chinese manufacturer before taxes amounted to 6.1 billion dollars, having decreased during the year by 7.8%. The net profit was equal to $ 535 million.

The report provides some other interesting figures. So, ready PCs, tablets and smart devices for the year were shipped to 66.6 million units. In the segments of gaming systems and chromebook shipments in the fourth quarter grew by 20.5% and 38.2%, respectively. Growth of supply of tablets with attachable keyboard manufacturer is also ahead of the industry. Smartphone sales outside of China in the fourth quarter brought the company $ 1.7 billion, which is 19.7% more than a year ago. In quantitative terms, supplies increased by 17.4%, to 11.3 million units.

Source: Lenovo



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