Lenovo introduced four new module Moto Mods, among which there is an option in the controller

In addition to the Z2 Play Moto smartphone Lenovo yesterday introduced several new and updated modules Moto Mods. Recall that all smartphones Moto Z existing and several future generations to maintain and will support modules Moto Mods.

So, the first new module — Moto GamePad. This module as a game controller. It has its own battery capacity of 1035 mA·h. the Manufacturer says about eight hours into the game on a fully charged smartphone, but does not specify what kind of model it. In addition to buttons on the module houses the USB-C port and audio Jack. The size of the device is equal to 226 x 75,9 x 24.4 mm weight 140 g.

JBL sound boost 2 — an updated version of the module with the JBL. The device has changed little. Then the same battery capacity of 1000 mAh, the same two 27-mm emitter with a power of 3 watts. The size remained virtually the same: 152 x 73 x 14.5 mm and weight of 135 g. In fact, it makes sense to speak only of a somewhat modified design.

Module TurboPower Pack is a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3490 mA·h dimensions equal to 153 x 73,4 x of 6.58 mm and weight 95 g. the Module supports quick charging.

Module Moto Style gives smartphone-enabled fast wireless charging (Qi and PMA). In addition, he performs the role and design element, as available in several versions: black wood, light wood, nylon and a variant with a floral pattern.

Prices for the new modules is not named, but they clearly will be about the same level as in the case of similar modules of the first generation.



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