Lenovo intends to compete with the leaders in the premium smartphone market

Not long ago, Lenovo took the third place in the list of the largest smartphone manufacturers of China. However, competition from Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Gionee and other companies led to the fact that Lenovo dropped to the eighth place in 2016, and now doesn’t even fall in the top ten.

Lenovo stated that it continues restructuring of business in China, planning to focus on premium smartphones, sold under the brand Moto. But from the brand of Lenovo in the smartphone market the company will not refuse, which was also announced recently.

In the course of fresh of the press conference Executive Director of Lenovo Jan Wantin (Yang Yuanqing) announced that the company now focuses on developed markets, like brands and innovative products. About the emerging markets the company is not going to forget, for this is the aforementioned line of budget smartphones Lenovo.

The head of Lenovo confirmed that the company now has two teams that focus on different markets with different product line. Smartphones Moto helped Lenovo to take the second place in the smartphone market of Brazil, behind only Samsung. In the first quarter of this year smartphone shipments in the country grew by 56%.

Releasing premium smartphones Moto, the company expects to narrow the range of its competitors to the market leaders (Samsung, Apple, Huawei and so on.). Lenovo adds that this year she enlisted the support of three mobile operators in the United States.

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