Lenovo IdeaCenter Y710 Cube — compact gaming PC with the GeForce GTX 1080

Lenovo announced several new a gaming PC. First — IdeaCenter Y710 Cube. It is a compact computer with dimensions of just 393,7 x 252,2 x 314,4 mm and a weight of 7,4 kg. this is a full-fledged gaming system.

In the configuration of a toddler include the processor Intel Core i7 sixth generation, up to 32 GB of RAM and the GeForce GTX 1080. In the sale there will be versions with more affordable components.

For data storage provides the ability to install HDD up to 2 TB and SSD up to 256 GB. Of course, the asset is adapters wireless interfaces, modern set of ports and a fairly original design. Given the size and the presence of the carry handle IdeaCenter Y710 Cube can be considered as a PC party in the style of «LAN party».

For the device in the simplest configuration will ask for 1300 dollars, and for a model with GeForce GTX 1070 already have to pay $ 1,900. Sales will start in October.



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