Lenovo Home Assistant Pack — «blank» to create a home assistant that require you to connect the tablet

IFA 2017 this year showed that manufacturers are very interested in two relatively new segments: fully wireless headsets and smart audio systems or similar devices.

That Lenovo showed the device Home Assistant Pack. It’s not even home assistant, and a blank for him. What you can see on the images is not Home Assistant Pack, and the new Assembly with the Lenovo tablet Tab 4. That is, in fact, Home Assistant Pack is a docking station for the tablet, equipped with its own sound system power 6 watts and two microphones.

When you connect to a station, the tablet automatically launches the app Home Assistant (which initially need to install) with voice assistant, Alexa. Further work with the final device is no different from the interaction with other similar devices, except that the version Lenovo has a display, which displays additional information.

Home Assistant Pack allows you to use any tablet line Lenovo Tab 4. The device itself is estimated at 70 dollars, and generally focused on tablet owners Lenovo. Buy the dock will be in October.



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