Lenovo continues to reduce Motorola Mobility’s staff of 1,200 employees will continue to work only 500

Lenovo continues «the strategic integration of Lenovo and the smartphone division of Motorola», in plain language, it is the dismissal of employees who migrated to work in after the Lenovo purchase of Motorola Mobility in 2012.

If four years ago the workforce of Motorola Mobility employs about 20 000 people at the moment they have about 1200. And soon the former employees of Motorola part Lenovo will be even less – the company announced a plan to layoff approximately 1,000 employees (2% of the total population of the state of Lenovo), most of which, about 700 people, accounted for by immigrants from Motorola Mobility.

As noted in the official press release, Lenovo understand that «although these actions are never easy, they are a necessary part of continuous efforts to ensure long-term profitable growth of all divisions of the company.

Source: Lenovo



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