Lenovo chose the 12 winners of a competition to create modules for smartphones Moto Z

Motorola, Lenovo and Verizon (it says so at the source) has finally announced the results of competition, in which teams created for smartphones Moto Z different modules. They were supported by the conclusion of the project on the platform Indiegogo, and the winners will have the opportunity to turn their idea into a commercial product.

The winners in the end were 12 projects. About a couple of them we already wrote. This module Edge backlight and Ultimate Moto Z Mod with support for wireless charging technology. By the way, these two projects are just the most successful on Indiegogo, and the second and all have already collected the required amount.

In addition to them, the number of winners includes the following modules:

  • Linc Smart Walkie Talkie MotoMod — module, giving the smartphone the functionality of a radio transmitter and a GPS transmitter;
  • Smart Wallet Z — Modul-a purse with compartments for Bank cards;
  • Mico — module with a solar panel;
  • Euromod is not a module, and the whole device, which is a analog mixer that connects to a smartphone, acting as a control element;
  • Sterilizer Z — module with UV lamp for sterilization of objects;
  • InstruMod module combines a number of different measurement instruments, beginning with and ending with the multimeter oscilloscope;
  • Palm Smart Remote module to control the smart home devices;
  • EarMods module with headphones (not optional) and a place to store them;
  • Digital Recorder module with the functionality of a digital microphone;
  • Modulator module with an integrated digital radio.

As you can see, the list is a very original solution, but they can hardly claim to popularity. Still, a module for a smartphone should first and foremost relate to the capabilities of the smartphone itself, so that, for example, a module in the form of a set of measuring devices is highly controversial idea.

In the contest participated more than 700 developers from 55 countries. All finalists will receive a set Moto Mods Development Kit and smartphone Moto Z. Around the beginning of March, Lenovo will choose around 10 projects: part of the winners list, and some of the participants Motorola Hackathon. Selected developers will be invited to the headquarters in Chicago, which will decide the fate of projects. Some of them may receive funding from the special Fund.



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