Lenovo announced the winners among developers of modules for smartphones Moto Z

Last year, Lenovo has initiated a contest among the developers of the modules for smartphones Moto Z. the Best projects received support to run a campaign to raise funds on Indiegogo, and the winners of the contest will receive funding for its project.

And finally, Lenovo announced the winners. Only in the final stage of the competition, competed with 30 teams. In the headquarters in Chicago, they presented their projects and business plans.

As a result, Lenovo has chosen two projects: Digiframe and Macay TrueSound HiFi. They will receive financial support of Lenovo Capital Fund in the amount of up to $ 1 million.

Digiframe — module with E Ink screen. He turns a smartphone Moto Z in the likeness of the Yotaphone, even without the unique features of the latter. On the electrophoretic display unit can display different information, ranging from weather and ending with notes and reminders. Open source code will allow developers to create new widgets for the module.

An interesting feature of the module is that due to the presence of a magnet can be attached, for example, on the refrigerator. Thus, in advance moving on the screen-do list or any message, the module can be used to remind someone of family members.

Now in this module raise funds on Indiegogo. Of the required $ 10,000 collected so far, only a little less than 1500. But, given the financing Lenovo, is now, apparently, it is not so important. The cost of the module is $ 100.

Module Macay TrueSound HiFi is aimed at lovers of quality sound. It should provide DAC and ADC, installed in the module. Unfortunately, details about it there.

In addition, Lenovo singled out several other projects, including a module to the wireless charging module in the form of a mechanical keyboard, the module with solar panel and so on. The developers of these devices will also get some support from Lenovo.



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