LeEco submitted a set of Smart Home Theatre TV for «stupid» TV for $288

This week, the company LeEco has introduced two new TVs, 65-inch LeEco X65S for $820 and 85-inch uMax85 with 3D and Dolby Vision, available for $5755.

In LeEco know that not everyone can afford such spending, but many have TVs large diagonal, purchased a few years ago, which deprived the functionality of Smart TV.

For this audience, the company introduced a set of Home Theatre Smart TV, available for $288.

The kit consists of a console and speaker system. The console features a Quad-core processor and GPU Mali-T820, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of flash memory and Wi-Fi modules and Bluetooth.

Sound system with total power of 120 watts includes six front speakers and 80-watt subwoofer.

In addition, the included remote control supports voice commands, and the console is able to communicate with the smartphone and tablet which are Android based, to broadcast the pictures on TV.

The set is expected on December 27.



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