LeEco raised $2.2 billion investment

Recall, Chinese company LeEco, headed by Chinese billionaire Wetin Jia (Jia Yueting), last year confessed that she simply had no money left.

The CEO has reduced his salary to one yuan per year. At the end of last year appeared the information that LeEco was in talks with an unnamed strategic investor, hoping to get a $ 1.4 billion investment.

This week was published a confirmation of the attraction of investments in the amount of $ 2.2 billion, listed Chinese company China Holdings Sunoco. Additionally, there were not the agreed amount that will be spent on the further development and production of Future electric vehicle Faraday FF91.

The source adds that now the company LeEco plans to further strengthen its presence in the United States, as well as launching a line of products in several other countries, including India.



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