LeEco has hired a former top managers of Huawei and Qualcomm to capture US market

Company LeEco had already loud enough to assert itself in some markets. Of course, the Chinese giant wants to get into the US market.

As it became known, for the expansion of LeEco decided to enlist the support of a former employee of the Qualcomm. Talking about Rob Candace (Rob Chandhok), who led the R & d division of Qualcomm in the United States. Exactly the same it will work for LeEco.

In addition, LeEco recently hired former Executive Director of Huawei Richenda Rena (Richard Ren), who will lead all division of LeEco in North America. LeEco also recently announced plans to purchase the well-known American electronics manufacturer Vizio.

It is unclear what exactly LeEco intended to work in the United States, but entering the market clearly will not be simple. At least, the format of which the company has chosen for Russia, it will not work.



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