LeEco, as Xiaomi for the first time to participate in CES

As we previously reported, the company Xiaomi has announced that it will participate in the CES 2017, which will be held in Los Angeles from 5 to 8 January of the following year. This exhibition will be the debut for the Chinese manufacturer.

Another Chinese company LeEco, which has recently been experiencing serious financial difficulties and rumored to be laid off 1,400 people, also going in early next year in Las Vegas.

This information was published on his page in the social network Weiabo glaava company LeEco Wetin Jia (Jia Yueting). The accompanying picture indicated that the performance of the company during CES 2017 will take place on 5 January.

Shortly after the publication of the given message it was removed by the author, the reasons are not disclosed. Either Jia Wetin announced the company’s plans earlier than planned, or financial difficulties forced the company to abandon the trip.



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