Led lighting Samsung LM301B demonstrates record light output

Samsung Electronics was producing various electronic components, announced the start of serial production of led lighting average power LM301B. These LEDs in the new building demonstrate a record-high value of light output — 220 lumens/watt. According to the manufacturer, they are well suited for many applications, including background lighting and fixtures.

The above efficiency value obtained at a current of 65 mA and a color temperature of 5000K. The color rendering index is more than 80. Allegedly to increase the efficiency managed by a new package type and a new phosphor. The structure of the led includes a reflective layer, and the layers of phosphor red and green are isolated from each other, due to which reduced their interaction. These measures have helped to increase efficiency by 10% compared to similar solutions in buildings 3030.

Study samples LM301B already available.

Source: Samsung Electronics



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