Led lamp — the only segment of the lighting market, where in the next 10 years is expected to increase

Experts of the analytical company Navigant Research tried to predict the market of energy efficient light sources used in commercial buildings.

Commercial buildings are a major consumer of electricity, and the upgrade of the light sources is considered to be an easy way to increase their effectiveness. Now there is a replacement of fluorescent, halogen and discharge lamps led lamps. Analysts note that sales of led lamps are growing in overall shrinking market. Moreover, according to experts at Navigant Research, led lamp — the only segment where in the next 10 years is expected to increase. This year will be sold 441,7 million led lamps, and in 2026 — 783,9 million

To attractive features led lamps, which explains the interest to these light sources, analysts attribute increased service life and high energy efficiency.

Growth in demand contributes to a steady decline in prices, making led bulbs an increasingly competitive compared to other light sources on the market.

Source: Navigant Research


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