Led ceiling lamp control by smartphone Xiaomi Yeelight valued at $50

Company Xiaomi has announced a new ceiling led lamp Xiaomi Yeelight, which will be released soon at a price of about $ 50.

The power of the device, which includes 95 LEDs, is 28 W, and its expected service life is 25 000 hours, that is, the manufacturer claims that the lamp can operate without being disconnected, a little less than three years. Users 240 color shades of light.

The device is protected from dust and insects, which over time accumulate in the shades of the lamps in accordance with the requirements of the class IP60. The lamp can Shine in three directions, its maximum brightness is 2000 LM, and the minimum is 0.1 LM. Night mode is provided light of the moon.

Installation and removal of bulb take up to 5 minutes of time. To control the modes used by the mobile device with the appropriate app.

This device is expected on December 29.



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