Led bulb General Electric GE C by Sol support Alexa is estimated at $ 200

At the end of last year, General Electric (GE) has introduced led lamp Sleek Table Lamp, which stand out for their unusual design and support Alexa.

Until now this device is not appeared in the sale and only now the manufacturer, re-announcing a lamp, told about price and start of sales. The device is now called a quite intricate: C by GE Sol.

From a technical point of view, it’s all the same led lamp of unusual form with voice assistant, Alexa. Last time, we already expressed the opinion that the appearance on the market of such hybrid devices will allow the artificial intelligence of Amazon to further expand its presence, the smart acoustic system for Alexa wants to buy not all, but some kind of household appliance, which at the same time also supports voice assistant, can approach a greater number of consumers.

Returning to the device GE, estimated at $ 200, but if you pre-purchase you can save $ 40. First deliveries are scheduled for September. That is, in selling the lamp appears almost a year after the first announcement.

Engineers GE is not just made of led lamp in the form of a ring. They defeated this form thanks to some interesting features. For example, the lamp can display the time, through the control of light simulating the movement of the hands around the dial. The lamp also has a sleep mode, the Sleep-Enabled Light. As stated in the press release, warm light is used to increase the level of melatonin before bed, and the cold bright light in the morning for best revival.



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