Leak gave a glimpse of the photo editor Adobe Project Nimbus

Last year, Adobe announced the development of photo editor for Lightroom database, which will be based on cloud technologies. Development under the code name Project Nimbus was conducted in secret, but accidentally became available to some users of Adobe Creative Cloud. They managed to test the app and make a few screenshots before Adobe realized the error and shut down access to Project Nimbus.

Judging by the screenshots, application like Lightroom Mobile for the iPad. It offers the basic functions of correction of light and color, brushes, and gradients. The basic principle of editor — save the original image. That is, all editing operations are nondestructive. Another important feature is the complete orientation on the cloud: all of the edits and the image is automatically saved in the cloud for which the user is allocated 1 TB of space.

Company Adone recognized that the editor Project Nimbus has become available to «a small group of users of Adobe Creative Cloud», but did not disclose any details about the development itself. According to unofficial data, the beta version of the editor will be available before the end of the year.



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