Lattice Semiconductor have a ready kit for developers of embedded vision systems for robots, drones, ADAS and devices for AR and VR

The company Lattice Semiconductor this week introduced the developer kit called the Embedded Vision Development Kit. Allegedly, this is the first of its kind kit for embedded system developers for machine vision optimized based on the applications associated with mobile devices. The characteristic features of the kit manufacturer calls flexibility, low cost and low power consumption.

The flexibility provided by a modular architecture that includes a programmable gate array (FPGA), a specialized standard ICS (ASSP) and standard programmable specialized IC (pASSP).

The advantages of the kit the manufacturer will also include a small size and dual camera support. The camera interface MIPI CSI-2 are on the Board of CrossLink input, which is connected with the base cost ECP5. The latter performs signal processing forces the IP core image signal processor, developed by specialists of Helion Vision. In addition, ECP5 supports input from external signal sources to the image. Finally, the third Board — to-Board inference based on Sil1136 — adds to the system configuration of the HDMI output.

According to Lattice-based Embedded Vision Development Kit you can create systems for industrial, automotive and consumer applications. In particular, the list of applications included robots, drones, driver assistance systems, devices, augmented and virtual reality. Kits are available for order.

Source: Lattice Semiconductor


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