Later this month, residents of Pittsburgh can ride on a driverless Uber cars created on the basis of Volvo XC90

The company Uber is making a serious step towards the development of unmanned vehicles. At the end of the current month on the roads of Pittsburgh will be a small fleet of similar cars Uber. It will be a full car service, taxi and anyone can call such a car. It will be the first in varying degrees, independent of the machine, for normal users, albeit in the form of a taxi service.

Of course, Uber did not develop machines. The company turned for help to Volvo. In the end, the drones based on the model of the XC90. Also there is nothing surprising in the fact that the driver will take his place, but his role will be in the safety net.

The Swedish automaker will put Uber at about 100 cars before the end of the year, but the source does not say whether the whole hundred to be used in the real tests.

Volvo is not the only partner of Uber, but what about other data yet. It is also worth noting that earlier this year Volvo and Uber signed an agreement concerning the development of a complete unmanned vehicle, which will be available in 2021.



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