Last year, every fifth mobile phone sold was a fake

According to a report by the international Organization for economic cooperation and development (organization for Economic cooperation and Development; OECD), almost every fifth mobile phone in the world, sold last year, were fake.

Under the fake source understands the product, illegally using other people’s trademarks. For example, recall a considerable number of fake Nokia phones in the Russian market 10-15 years ago.

If we turn to the report and the diagram, we see that the share of counterfeit mobile phones is about 19%. Should consider, the document refers only to mobile phones, while in the diagram you can see the indication components and accessories, which is somewhat confusing.

Even worse in the segment of game consoles and controllers, where the share of counterfeit goods amounts to 24%.

Memory cards, flash drives, card readers and adaptors forge in 15% of cases. Approximately 9% of all media players, 6% remote controls, laptops, tablets, PCs, and almost 5% of the batteries are also fakes. While the world average share of counterfeit products in all segments is only 2.5%, and the market of information and communication technologies (ICT) to 6.5%.

43% taken in the past year counterfeit products the ICT market, violate the rights of American brands, another 25% of Finnish and 12% Japanese. The main source of the fakes are Chinese manufacturers. The total loss of the ICT market is estimated at 143 billion dollars. But this data is for the year 2013 based on information from about half a million of customs seizures of goods in 2011-2013.


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