Last year E Ink changed operating loss profit

Company E Ink Holdings has published a report for the last quarter of fiscal year 2016 and the year as a whole.

Manufacturer of electrophoretic displays could improve financial performance, so the year managed to finish with an operating profit of about $ 2 million. Prior year E Ink was a loss — the operating loss amounted to 14.2 million dollars. The company’s turnover for the year increased from 421 to 443 million dollars.

The manufacturer notes that the improvement mainly due to the discontinuation of production of liquid crystal displays. That E Ink stops production of liquid crystal displays, it became known in September last year. The company producing these products, it was redeveloped for the needs of R & d, and the company focused on producing electrophoretic displays. This year, E Ink expects to increase their sales by at least 20%.


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