Last year, 16.7% of households in North America were equipped with smart home systems

According to the source, which refers to a paid report, Berg Insight, North America is currently the leading region in the introduction of technology smart house.

Last year the number of such systems in the region rose 58% to 31.2 million. Analysts believe that 5.4 million of this number is a multifunctional integrated system, which includes a lot of different devices, whereas the remaining 25.8 million single devices like smart thermostats, smart lights and so on.

If we talk about the number of households using such systems, there were 21.8 million This corresponds to 16.7% of all households in the region.

It is expected that in the period from 2016 to 2021 average annual growth rate of these households will account for 27%. The revenue of this market last year amounted to 9.9 billion dollars, which is 33% higher than the previous year. By 2021, the market will grow to 27.2 billion dollars.


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