Laser projector Dell Advanced 4K Laser Projector (S718QL) forms an image size of 2.5 metres, being just 10 cm from the screen

Dell announced the release of Advanced projector 4K Laser Projector (S718QL). A device designed for classrooms and meeting rooms, capable of forming a bright image, visible even in the absence of the blackout.

The resolution of the projector is 4K Ultra HD. The device supports HDR. The advantages of the projector include the possibility of imaging the size of 2,5 meters diagonally, being only 10 cm away from the screen or wall. This eliminates accidental penetration of light into the eyes of the lecturer, and shading of the image on the screen.

The use of a laser light source provides long service life. According to the manufacturer being included for 8 hours daily, the projector can operate without replacement of the lamp 10.

Equipment allows to include it in the local network and use up to four signal sources. It is also possible to view multimedia files and Microsoft Office documents from the drive with USB interface. For wireless connection of speaker systems you can use the Bluetooth interface.

The Dell Advanced 4K Laser Projector (S718QL) costs $5999. Its sales will begin July 19.

Source: Dell



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