Laptops with Snapdragon SoC 835 and Windows 10 will surprise operation time without charging

In the autumn of this year, Microsoft and Qualcomm are expected to release laptops to the ARM architecture that will run under the operating system Windows 10.

During the event, Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit, the representatives of Qualcomm talked about how they partnered with Microsoft to create laptops with mobile platform Snapdragon 835.

Microsoft said that the company is testing «hundreds of laptops on the ARM architecture every day.» One thing is already clear — these laptops exceeds all expectations. The reason is the reduced power consumption of ARM processors.

«To tell you the truth, we did not expect — said Pete Bernard (Pete Bernard) from Microsoft. We set the bar at a high level and has already surpassed her. It is about this time of Autonomous work, to which I got used. I don’t take a charger. I charge my laptop every few days. I think this will force many to rethink on PC».

These laptops will be called Always Connected PC («PCs that are always connected»). The first models of this year should release Asus, HP and Lenovo, but they are quite expensive. Qualcomm said that the expansion of the portfolio it will appear more affordable laptops with ARM processors and Windows 10.



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