Laptop Dell XPS 15 9560 one of the first to get a GeForce GTX 1050

Mobile graphics cards GeForce GTX and GTX 1050 1050 Ti should be presented at CES 2017. There is little doubt that their parameters will be as close as possible to a desktop accelerators. So they will create a real budget gaming laptops, albeit entry-level, if viewed from the perspective of a gamer.

Dell XPS 15 9560 will be one of the first people a new mobile adapters Nvidia. One of the versions of this laptop will receive the 3D-card GeForce GTX 1050, equipped with 4 GB of memory. Desktop card GeForce GTX 1050 shows the performance level GeForce GTX 960. But the mobile GeForce GTX 960M is an analogue of the desktop GeForce GTX 750 Ti, so the change of generations is a relatively affordable gaming laptops bring very substantial performance increase in games.

Returning to the laptop, the new Dell will come with 4K display and Intel Core i3-7100HQ, i5-7300HQ or i7-7700HQ.



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