Korean researchers formed organic light-emitting diodes on the fabric

The group, which includes experts from the Institute of KAIST and the company Kolon Glotech, presented the development that made the term «wearable electronics» a literal meaning. Korean researchers managed to develop the technology of formation of organic LEDs on a substrate of tissue.

This panel inherits the flexibility and strength of the fibers from which the woven substrate, pelucas flexible and durable. Of course, not without difficulties. Conventional, round cross-section fiber and greatly change dimensions when heated, accompanying the process of forming the OLED. Scientists have solved the problem by creating a fabric of special fibers, flat shaped. Note that this fabric is superior in flexibility flat plastic substrate of the same thickness. The lifetime of OLED on the fabric exceeds 1000 hours, off — 3500 h On the prospects of commercialization of the development, the source said.

Source: Business Korea


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