Komatsu introduced the unmanned truck weighing 416 tons

To release Autonomous cars on public roads yet few company and few countries. To say nothing about the trucks that in case of any problems, can cause much more troubles.

Komatsu has created not just an unmanned truck, and unmanned truck weighing 416 tons! The car does not even have a cockpit, that is, the presence of the driver is simply not provided. However, the giant intended, of course, not for public roads, and to work in mines and quarries.

The dump truck, while appearing under the name of Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle, from the lack of cockpit even received additional benefits. This allowed us to construct the body so that the load is distributed to both axles more evenly. Besides, the car is still in what direction to go in, that simplifies the process of loading and unloading.

Dump truck capable of carrying up to 230 tons of cargo and is characterized by a capacity of 2700 HP Maximum speed limit of 64 km/h turning Radius is 15.9 m, and its size is 15 x 8.5 m.
Komatsu plans to begin selling trucks in the near future.» About the price of monsters is not reported.



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