Kodak sold the patents QLED

On the website of the company, Nanoco Group, specializing in the development and manufacture of nanomaterials, in particular, quantum dots that do not use cadmium, there was a message about buying a set of patents formerly owned by Kodak. In this package, the United patents for developments in the area of the QLED technology. Allegedly, the purchase is associated with the intention of using quantum dots in electroluminescent displays, Nanoco which calls the displays of the future.

According to Nanoco, the display QLED quantum dots will replace the organic materials used in OLED displays. Along with other applications of quantum dots, Nanoco is developing this technology for nearly ten years. However, the manufacturer notes that while the priority is to use quantum dots in liquid crystal displays, which will prevail in the market in the medium term.

The financial side of the transaction has not been disclosed.

Source: Nanoco



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