Knitted women’s hats: current trends 2018

Knitted hat long ago ceased to be just a headdress that protects the head from cold and frost. Modern models are designed to complement the image of a girl.

A variety of styles of knitted hats makes them a truly versatile item of clothing – they fit under coats, blazers, parks, etc.

A properly chosen cap may visually change the shape of the face and set the mood to the whole image.

Stylish knitted hats 2018 is a combination of the latest fashion trends and comfort.

We offer you the latest styles of hats 2018, which will allow you to choose hat to even the most discerning fashionistas.

Stylish hats with large viscous 2018

Open knit at the peak of their popularity in large measure due to the love of fashionistas to things oversize.

Hats with large viscous emphasize the femininity and fragility of its owner, adjust the face shape and create a visual effect slim neck.

Hats with large viscous presented in several styles:

  • With flaps
  • From thick threads
  • Cap, stocking, socks

Hats with large viscous ideal for creating bows, casual, style casual or sports style.

Knitted hats with applique

Applique hat – it is a challenge for young fashionistas who are using labels on hats want to tell the world about your standards.

The inscriptions on the caps should be large, clear and readable.

Application can be performed in various ways: glued, embroidered or crocheted. Labels are most often on the sides of the cap.

Most relevant in 2018 will be of an application with the individual words that have special meaning.

The color of the cap and the application should be in contrast, it is the labels and the phrase will be clearly visible and readable. Fashion cap with applique of bright colors – white, red, orange, yellow.

Stylish cap with a pompon

A great way to embellish a knitted cap – use the POM-poms of various shapes and sizes.

POM-poms look best on a fitted hats and caps slim with a tight binding.

The great advantage of poms is that they are perfect for both young girls and older women.

Younger fashionistas will fit lush contrasting color, colorful POM-poms of yarn several shades.

Older women prefer a more neat POM-poms quiet tones.

In 2018 the most relevant bright «flashy» colors of hats and POM-poms – orange, yellow, pink. Look at the POM-POM of fur, such as mink or Fox.


Beanies-the little animals are very popular with young people, try to show your personality and stand out from ordinary images.

In fashion hats with a variety of animals – lions, bears, mice, cubs. Caps-animals will fit perfectly into the image in a casual style or oversized.

Look like funny looking hats, animals, to them it is simply impossible not to fall in love.

Fashionable hats-scarves 2018

Winter Snood or different pipe, despite the free style, able to warm you even in the most severe frosts.

Hat-Snood looks elegant and goes perfectly with the coat, fur or sheepskin coat.

Not less harmoniously will look hat-scarf with youth sports jackets.

The main advantage of the scarf cowl is that it can tie as you want, it all depends on clothing and weather.

For warm weather you can just throw on a hat, scarf on the head, leaving the field free during the cold weather and wind wrap yourself in it tightly, making a hat-Snood more prilegayushchei ears and head.

Cap-cowl fit any face and hair color, so choose a hat, a scarf will be incredibly easy.

Knitted hats with visor

Such unusual detail knitted caps like visor gradually finds its fans. In 2018 cap with a visor only come into fashion, offering the most extravagant options.

It can be restrained aristocratic styles or on the contrary, youth free options.

This trend 2018 – cap with a visor soothing neutral shades of beige, brown, black. The visor is made in the form of a small box covered with cloth to match.

Youth hats can be made with three-dimensional plastic visors, decorated with flower arrangement, rhinestone, flies.

Knitted hat-turban

Simple style hats-a turban like headgear beauties of the East. Modern ladies adopted the original view of the cap and successfully harmonize hats-turbans with a fitted coat and fur coats.

Hat-turban looks unusual and new, it does not prevent her to be subject to the preferences of both young fashionistas and more adults.

Hats-turbans are often made of wool in dark colors – black, blue, brown, gray.

Vertical drawstring cap that holds the fabric of the turban can be decorated with a large brooch with stones or flowers, metal buckle or large contrasting stone.

Knitted headbands instead of hats

Hats, headbands a great alternative warm knitted caps, which is not always easy in the fast pace of everyday life.

Knitted bandages have many advantages:

  • Knitted headband does not spoil the hair
  • Covers the most important places on the head, neck and ears
  • Suitable for any dress – coats, coats, sport jackets

Knitted bandages like a hat-a turban can be decorated brooches with stones, sequins, beads, applique labels, etc.

Elaborated on the yarn used for hats in 2018. For most models of caps used combined yarn consisting of natural and synthetic fibers.

Whatever fashion caps, pay attention to the type of wool from which it is made. This depends directly on the quality and appearance of the headgear.

Among the natural fibers popular mohair, wool, Angora, cotton.

To synthetic materials, which are thermal and aesthetic properties are not inferior to natural ones, are acrylic, viscose, polyamide.

Remember to wash knitted hats need to strictly follow the recommendations on the labels of products.

A variety of hats offered by modern stores, can easily confuse fashionistas who want to choose the right model. Try to stick to the fashion trends presented in our review, and you will be able to find a suitable option for you knitted hat.

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