Knitted manicure 2018: cozy patterns on your nails

Knitted manicure is a revelation in nail design. Braided texture knit manicure is gaining popularity, therefore we can confidently speak about the successful debut of the new techniques of decorating nails.

The most relevant knitted manicure for the cold season – autumn or winter when everything starts to warm and wear warm knitted sweaters. It ornate texture knitted sweaters led nail designers to create a knitted manicure.

Even far from the knitting people know how many there are various patterns and patterns for creating knitted things, most of them reflected the fashion trends a knitted manicure.

You need to create a knitted manicure?

Create a knitted manicure yourself is not difficult.

In order to repeat on their marigolds crochet patterns you will need:

– gel Polish


a thin brush for nail painting

– acrylic powder or velvet sand

To create a truly effective and truly warm knitted acrylic manicure be sure to purchase the powder or velvet sand.

They will add roughness to your figure and will help to create more volume, which is so important in knitted manicure.

The technique of making the crocheted manicure

  • Apply on the cleaned surface of the nail gel Polish the desired color
  • Dry nails with the lamp for drying gel coating
  • Apply the nail strengthening top matte
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    Now your nail is prepared for «knitting» on it pattern. To do this, take a gel lacquer of a different color and a thin brush draw the ornament.

    For giving increased need to trace the pattern again gel Polish. At this stage you can complete a knitted manicure.

    But if you want to get the effect of a woolen weaving, you do not need to fully dry a second layer of gel Polish, and liberally sprinkle it with acrylic pollen or velvet sand.

    Excess of pollen or sand need to be carefully removed with a soft brush so as not to spoil yet fully established decoration.

    To perform a knitted manicure using regular nail Polish. It is better to use a thick varnish without mother of pearl.

    Technique create a knitted manicure with conventional lacquer identical gel Polish. The only thing you should pay attention to is the number of layers of the drawing. There may be 2-3 or more, it all depends on the density and texture of the varnish.

    Focus on your own feelings – looks image volume or not.

    Current trends knitted manicure 2018

    Warmth and tenderness – these feelings should call a perfect knit nail Polish, so before you begin creating the perfect velvety ornament is not superfluous to listen to the advice of professionals in nail design.

    The most relevant trends knitted manicure 2018 will be soft pastel colors.

    From the dark shades should be abandoned, the pattern on them is simply lost, not increasing even layered ornament.

    To create a knitted manicure can be used as solid color paints, and to make the composition of several similar colors. Both of these options look amazing.

    It is not necessary to perform the same pattern on all fingers. You can focus on a few fingers on the hand (usually anonymous), highlighting them in a different color or different pattern.

    The main rule of all the techniques of manicure – a harmonious combination of colors and patterns on all fingers – primarily concerned with a knitted manicure.

    Try to make a light drawing, without many lines, it was then that ornament will look attractive and space.

    Actual drawings for a knitted manicure 2018

    The choice of pattern for knitted manicure depends on the event for which it is made. If a knitted manicure made for nail decoration in casual days, use warm shades using acrylic velvet powder or sand.

    Increasingly knit the manicure is used for decoration of nails of the bride. Delicate braided structure of the lines is similar to the ornament on the veil or Bridal dress, complementing its profitable.

    The use of a knitted manicure justified on various holidays, chief of which is, without a doubt the New year. For knitted Christmas manicure you can retreat from the rules and use bright contrasting shades of varnish, for example, the combination of blue and red or red and white.

    Offer you to get acquainted with the most popular ornaments for knitted manicure that harmonious and attractive look to nails.


    Drawing braids is quite simple, that is why it is so popular in knitted manicure. Try to do all braids are the same length, width and inclination.

    If the experience in painting the nails a little, then get some practice first on paper, depicting the handle the perfect hair that you would like to see on their marigolds.

    Variations of braids can be a lot – interlacing, reverse, fishtail, but the technique of making such drawings more complicated and suitable for those who have experience in nail design.


    The ornament, which is most relevant for winter and the Christmas holidays. To create Christmas trees draw on the nail straight short lines, reminiscent of Christmas tree needles.

    Try to make the distance between rows is a little more than usual to «branches» of the tree are not connected.


    Diamonds are very popular ornament for those who don’t want to abandon the strict business style, but wish to diversify their knitted pattern fashion nail Polish.

    Due to the fact that diamonds large enough pieces, it is best they looks at the long and medium nails.

    Relate the value of diamonds and their location on the nail before it starts drawing. To create beautiful knitted nail Polish on the nail should be placed at least 3 diamond.

    To a knitted manicure with diamonds did not seem empty and unfinished, make a pattern in the middle of the diamond or the free space between them.


    Zigzags are seen as the basic pattern for a knitted manicure, and the addition of braids or lozenge.

    For beginners to draw zigzags and waves much easier than straight lines, so in the early stages of practice it on a vertical wavy lines.

    Hearts, beads, beads

    Knitted manicure is easily combined with such elements as hearts, bows, rhinestones, beads or beads.

    Unleash your imagination and draw on the nails of a variety of designs that are in harmony with the core idea of your manicure.

    For knitted wedding manicure with rhinestones is indispensable that you can allocate 1-2 accent nail.

    Maybe for some presents ornaments seem difficult, therefore, to create his first drawings at knitted any knitted thing that you have in your wardrobe.

    Just look at the knit pattern on the sweater or scarf and create a similar on their marigolds.

    The popularity of knitted manicure grows every day, «conquering» marigolds numerous fashionistas. Now it’s safe to say that the knitted ornaments for a long time came in the nail design, second in popularity only to the usual French manicure.

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