Kingston Digital has stayed in the top three of leading suppliers of SSD

Analysts at Forward Insights, summed up the supply on the market of solid state drives for all of 2016. Despite the lull before the introduction of new types of flash memory (even 3D NAND is still far from mainstream use), the percentage in the supply of even the largest players varied in the course of the year quite strongly. So, Samsung Electronics at the end of the year got 21% of the total pie, although the first quarter has reached 34%. This South Korean company has remained in leading positions.

Second place was held by Kingston Digital: with its 16%, the company shipped during the year SSD 10.1 million from a total of 63 million units. In the first quarter, the manufacturer achieved 19% of the total supply. In third place far behind is SanDisk (7%), completing the top five A-Data and ViewSonic.



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