Kingston DC400 is designed for data centers

Kingston Digital has introduced DC400 solid-state drives designed for data centers. The manufacturer considers DC400 to the initial level of the products of this segment, stating that they are optimal to implement a strategy based on exploitation of the equipment for wear and subsequent replacement. The drives are suitable for tasks with a predominance of reading, which does not require a record speed: bootstrap, web servers, Analytics.

Drives size 2.5 inch equipped with interface SATA 6 GB/s Kingston DC400 Lineup includes models with a volume of 400 GB, 480 GB, 800 GB, 960 GB, 1.6 TB and 1.8 TB. Speed sequential read reaches 555 MB/s and a maximum sequential write speed is around 500-530 Mbit/s, depending on the model.

As for peak performance on operations with random access blocks of 4 KB, in read mode, it reaches 99-100 thousand IOPS in recording mode — 86-90 thousand IOPS, depending on the model. The steady-state performance below: in read mode, it reaches 67-85 thousand IOPS in recording mode — 11-35 thousand IOPS, depending on the model.

Drive capacity 480 GB designed for entry during the lifetime of the 257 TB of information (0.3 daily volume, DWPD), with a volume of 960 GB — 564 TB (0,32 DWPD), 400 GB — 422 TB (0,57 DWPD), 800 GB — 860 TB (0,58 DWPD), 1600 GB — 1678 TB (0,57 DWPD), 1800 GB — 1432 TB (0,43 DWPD). The warranty period is five years.

Source: Kingston



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