Khaki in clothing. The combination and the possibility of using

The popularity of the trend of khaki to create bright and attractive images remains a paradox. After all, this color is used by people around the world to create camouflage clothing and other similar means. However, the hacks successfully dilutes the bright shades of the wardrobes of the most advanced fashionistas and helps them stand out from the crowd.

The monotony dirty green clothes is misleading. Hacks presented in the palette of a large number of hues and allows you to create unique and original images only some of their combinations. Light tone khaki have a sand shade, a dark shade of brown flowers and closer to brown.

Clothes in khaki and successful combination

Clothing khaki for many years does not leave the podium around the world. In most cases this is due to the military style. In this fashion the direction of the designers offer bombers, coats, jackets, pants and more. But the use of such shades is not limited to military style. Casual also allows the use of an earthy green shades. In this style, you can find oversized shirt, sweaters, jeans and sweatshirts. Short pants narrowed towards the bottom will perfectly blend with white shirt or light beige sweater.

More original will look Luke with skirts mid-length khaki. Also pay attention to culottes, which, in any shade will be popular in 2018. Knit dresses to create bows in the style of a sports chic can also be executed in the shades of this interesting and versatile color.

If you hope for your own sense of color, can safely select colors from the following list: salmon, black, terracotta, pistachio, mint, dark shades of gray and blue, deep red, blue, beige and white. A combination of these colors will in any case winning.

If you opt for a white, pencil skirt khaki light shade will make the perfect ensemble with a simple white blouse or shirt men’s cut. It is important to choose a model, devoid of décor. Valid only to leave metal buttons. To complete the image will help leather or suede shoes color beige stilettos or high wedge heel!

The black color will go with everything. Moreover, it can confidently be worn in combination with khaki. Black pants or floor-length skirt and beige top will complement denim jacket. Jeans you can also find khaki military style. This is expressed in the metal parts and simulate cuts.

Khaki color acts as the perfect backdrop for bright colors. For example, on the background of the major pieces of clothing this color of dress or sundress – bright spots will look chunky, plastic jewelry shades of red. Also the image will be accentuated by salmon shoes and a narrow belt at the waist a bright scarlet color. If you want to wear all these accessories at once, it is best to choose them in the same shade of red.

Yellow also goes well with protective. Each lady can decide what shade suits her better. Bright and bold can afford lemon garments. A more modest way is made with sand and mustard shades. If you decide to lemon pants did not manage, it is possible to find a compromise and bow to decorate the bright sunlight accessories. The ideal would be a set of bottom dark khaki hue, which is closer to brown, a light beige top and a large lemon decorations of plastic. Here comes the original lemon pumps.

Shades of purple, Magenta, lilac, and similar colors can be ambiguously perceived. Therefore, it is recommended to make the image khaki small patches of these shades. For example, the original brooch, scarf, gas or bulk bracelet will refresh a plain bow. More daring ladies can wear shoes violet color, choose a clutch and natinality it all original headdress. The ladies who are confident in such combinations, one can safely divide onion into a large part of the khaki and the above «complex» colors.

Beige and brown, perhaps the most user-friendly hacks. Their composition is most similar to the khaki pigment. That is why bows can be any number of colors and in all shades: chocolate, cream, coffee and others. No matter what from a wardrobe of brown and khaki – all versions will look advantageous.

Olive is also in perfect harmony with the main color. The problem may be the effect that is having this combination on the skin. Setting off her olive paired with khaki can create on the face and exposed parts of the body earthy hue. To resolve this issue by fitting the full onion with the things of this color scheme. After analyzing your appearance in the mirror, you have to decide is this combination or not. Most often change the hue just a few shades more dark or light can radically change the situation.

Vivid shades of blue mostly jog onions. Here is to opt for bold colours: electric, clear skies, turquoise. Blue pants and blouse khaki shoes complemented the tone will be important to look appropriate and as on the street and at events in the Banquet hall. The same effect is a combination with orange. Khaki soothes the excessive brightness and the orange bow makes a well-balanced and attractive.

A combination of prints can also turn into a harmonious Union. For example, trendy leopard print color will be a good neighbour hacks. You can also choose geometric patterns, floral prints, various labels and trademarks. It is important to choose shades of the above list. Do not be afraid to go beyond the ordinary. Striking images by themselves are able to raise the mood and make the world a little better.

Additional details bow

In the sale you can find shoes khaki. This can be boots, ankle boots, pumps and more. Such shoes need not hesitate to purchase for your wardrobe. It is able to complement and adorn many bows and become universal.

Among the accessories popular handbags. Most often in this color look good shapeless products: briefcases, bags, bags, bags-saddle. If you want to wear a hat, let it be a hat with a narrow brim. To complement the set includes a scarf with tone and leather gloves. You can find all this in the khaki color and its tints.

As you can see, khaki is versatile enough. If desired, it can be noticed. But, diluting bow bright colors and stylish details, it is easy to become the center of attention.

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