KGI Securities claims that all three new iPhone will retain the connectors Lightning and get fast charging

Well-known analyst at KGI Securities Min-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) in a recent statement noted that all three new iPhone that should come out this year, will keep the Lightning connectors.

We will remind, this week’s edition of the Wall Street Journal, citing proven informants, wrote that the new smartphone iPhone 8 Apple will abandon the Lightning connector in favor of USB C. Then, analyst at Barclays blaine Curtis (Blayne Curtis) said that Apple will retain the Lightning connector.

Ming-Chi Kuo noted that retaining the Lightning connector, all three models will get the support fast-charging technology, appropriate specifications USB-C Power Delivery. To do this, Apple uses a system of power management of TI and the solution of the Power Delivery company Cypress. Also the emphasis on the fact that the iPhone 8 will come with a OLED display and a more capacious battery, and the various technical innovations, will charge faster than the other models. Against this background, the rumor about the release adapter cable for USB C seems quite real.

The new smartphone is expected in September.



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